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Bosra Al-Sham

Bosra is a town in southern Syria, classified globally as a major archaeological site of outstanding value in the history of art and thought, a beacon of civilization during several eras that dates back to thousands of years, it was also an important commercial center on the Silk Road. Bosra has many historic landmarks, one …

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Apamea is a city which was founded in the third century B.C.E Many civilizations have conquered it leaving a ton of magnificent monuments, such as the Great Colonnade which was one of the longest in the Roman world, in addition to the Roman theatre, one of the biggest surviving theatres of the Roman Empire, not …

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Aleppo is a principal city of northern Syria, and it is the most populous Syrian governorate; it is also one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, as it has been inhabited since the sixth millennium B.C. Aleppo takes place in a crucial strategic position, it is located at the crossroads of important …

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The City of Jasmine, The Pearl of the East, Damascus, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world is the capital of Syria, praised for its beauty and lushness. Damascus is not just the capital of Syria, it’s the capital of diversity too; it sustained its fame by continuingly being a commercial and …

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