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    Yes! most of the cities in Syria are completely safe for tourists to visit. In our tours, we ensure to choose routes that are 100% safe for you and our staff to go to.

    Syria is considered relatively cheap. And since our tours cover mostly everything, you’ll only need money for meals and shopping.
    a meal can cost you anywhere between 1-20$ depending on what and where you choose to eat.
    same for shopping, souvenirs can cost anywhere between 2$ and up depending on what you want to buy, so on average, you’ll need around 100-150$ at least for 5-7 days tour, and more if you REALLY like shopping 😉

    It’s the best place to visit if you’re thinking about having an epic breath-taking experience.
    It’s no wonder That Syria is known a, the cradle of civilization.
    monuments, archaeological sites, fortified castles, citadels and ancient cities tell the glorious history of these ancient civilizations.
    Syria also has amazing landscapes and nature scenes.

    once we agree on the tour, we’ll apply for a security clearance for you which when issued (needs around a week to process) you’ll be able to obtain the visa upon arrival. there are no actual conditions but they don’t approve some nationalities (like Americans) and people who has Israeli stamps on their passports.

    We ask them to send us their papers like passport copies, and we ask the authorities to approve the security clearance (visa), then we wait the response. This is the first thing you need to access Syria

    • Applying for security clearance
    • Destination information
    • Tour guides
    • Hotel reservation
    • Transportation
    • Hospitality and shopping recommendations
    • Event planning
    • A real Syrian experience

    Absolutely! Syria is very safe for females, you have the freedom to wear whatever you want and couples can stay in the same room too. Syrian people are generally so hospitable and nice to visitors.

    We provide permits to facilitate your move with a local guide, and we of course take you to safe places.

    Syria is considered a secular country, you’ll find lots of faiths and religions in this country, and everyone can wear whatever they think is suitable for their lifestyle and beliefs. Meaning you can wear whatever you like, except in places of worship, of course where you’ll need to wear a humble attire.

    Of course! A lot of content creators and influencers have reached out to us in order to visit Syria and have a memorable experience, the most known we had are:
    Thomas from Yes theory channel

    Drew Binsky

    Lethal Crysis

    Those wonderful people has visited Syria with the help of our team and we made sure they had a great time.

    Old Damascus, It’s the oldest inhabited capital in the world and It’s still a part of Syria’s capital right now, there are many places to visit in the ancient city like: Khan Asaad Basha, Al Adm palace and the Umayyad mosque.
    Busra Al Sham, It’s a town in southern Syria, it was once the capital of Roman province of Arabia. It has a magnificent 2nd century Roman theatre and early Christian ruins. Busra survived about 2500 inhabited and intact.
    Krak des Chevaliers, one of UNESCO’s World heritage sites that remains a notable example of Medieval Architecture. It’s local name is Al Hosn castle, and it’s located in Homs at the middle of Syria.
    And of course Syria is full of magnificent landscapes like: Samra at the borders with Turkey and Al Kaddmous forests.