We invite you to embark on a journey through time, where ancient customs intertwine with modern elegance to create a celebration as unique and timeless as your love.

More than just a wedding, it’s a celebration of community

Imagine a wedding where families and friends rally around the newlyweds, offering not just financial support but an abundance of love, laughter, and encouragement. This communal spirit is the cornerstone of every Syrian wedding, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels included and celebrated.

A cultural tapestry woven
with tradition

Every detail of your wedding unfolds like a story, showcasing the rich intangible heritage of Syria. From the intricate henna designs adorning your hands to the groom’s bath, every element holds a special meaning. Witness the intricate handmade crafts and savor the mouthwatering dishes lovingly prepared by your family and friends, adding a personal touch to every moment.

Uniqueness in every region

Across Syria, diverse customs flourish, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of the nation. Each region boasts its unique ways to express love and honor the newlyweds.

In Sweida, the groom’s strength and devotion are playfully tested. Imagine him lifting a massive 50-kilogram stone, the “Umda,” symbolizing his ability to provide and protect his future wife. This act, witnessed by cheering families, signifies the beginning of a strong foundation for their life together
In Al-Hasakah, a symbolic sword guards the bride’s door, representing her preciousness. The groom, eager to claim his love, pays a token amount to remove the sword, demonstrating his commitment to providing her with a life of dignity and respect. Beyond these examples, countless other regional customs add color and meaning to your special day.

A celebration of shared life

Your wedding marks the beginning of a beautiful journey, not just for you and your partner, but for your two families joining as one. Witness the formation of new bonds, kinship, and cooperation that will extend far beyond your wedding day. This celebration signifies the creation of a new nucleus for building a stronger society and bringing joy and unity to your community.

Why Choose Golden Team for Your Syrian Tradition Wedding?

Let Golden Team guide you

With our expertise and passion for Syrian traditions, we will work closely with you to create a wedding experience that is authentic, personalized, and unforgettable. We’ll handle every detail, from venue selection to vendor coordination, ensuring your special day reflects your unique love story and celebrates the magic of Syrian culture.