Al-Mishtaya is a town and resort in northwestern Syria, it is in the middle between Tartus and Homs, and therefore it has many sites for tourists to visit as it is one of the premium first-class areas for tourism in Syria; The nature there is just amazing, from mountains, forests, springs, parks and a nice moderate weather.

One of the most important landmarks in Al-Mishtaya is St. George’s Monastery, one of the most beautiful masterpieces of Byzantine architecture; It consists of three churches, one of them is 1500 years old!

Another amazing site and resort is Mashta al-Helo, it takes place on a green hill amid the Syrian coastal mountain range, beautiful nature surrounds the town in all directions in addition to a group of archaeological sites, caves and fresh cold springs; Many amusing festivals takes place in Mashta al-Helo with musical events and mind-blowing fireworks!

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