Apamea is a city which was founded in the third century B.C.E Many civilizations have conquered it leaving a ton of magnificent monuments,

such as the Great Colonnade which was one of the longest in the Roman world, in addition to the Roman theatre, one of the biggest surviving theatres of the Roman Empire, not to forget its castle, Qalaat al-Madiq that lies west of the city and sits in a majestic view overlooking the area; The castle contains a small village that is still inhabited to this day, and it has a mighty high wall in the form of an irregular polygon, on which many square towers were installed, the castle has a large door topped by a beautifully crafted arch; And the most interesting, its museum “Khan Apamea”; An ancient khan that dates back to the Ottoman era, it was a place for travelers to stay in, but nowadays it’s one of the most prominent mosaic museums, containing the most important pieces of Syrian mosaic, one of them are Socrates and the Wise men mosaic panel, dating back to the year 363, The museum also included some funerary paintings, a sarcophagus with Latin inscriptions, and more than 15,000 cuneiform clay tablets.