Bosra Al-Sham

Bosra is a town in southern Syria, classified globally as a major archaeological site of outstanding value in the history of art and thought, a beacon of civilization during several eras that dates back to thousands of years, it was also an important commercial center on the Silk Road.

Bosra has many historic landmarks, one of the oldest surviving mosques in Islamic history, Christian churches; not to forget the large Roman Theatre, which was 102 metres across and has seating for about 17,000 people, it is thus among the largest of the Ancient Roman civilization; There also is a cathedral which is a unique example of a centrally planned church in terms of the history of the development of the architectural forms of the early church.

Some of the towers were chosen as the headquarters to be a museum due to the architectural importance of this place, as three main sites were designated for displaying antiquities.

Today, it is a major archaeological site and has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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