The City of Jasmine, The Pearl of the East, Damascus, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world is the capital of Syria, praised for its beauty and lushness.

Damascus is not just the capital of Syria, it’s the capital of diversity too; it sustained its fame by continuingly being a commercial and intellectual centre. The biggest clue to its importance is the Ancient City of Damascus

The Ancient City of Damascus is a part of Syria’s capital Damascus; it is the oldest inhabited capital in the whole world, distinguished by its buildings, stone-paved streets and monuments that date back to several eras, it also has many religion landmarks such as The Umayyad Mosque and the Marian cathedral; but the landmarks are not limited to religion only because one of the most famous palaces in the world Al Azem Palace is in it too.

Khan As’ad Pasha,In Souq Al Buzuriyah where the merchants of perfumery, candy and the fragrance of history, lies Khan As‘ad Pasha; the biggest khan in the Middle East with a distance of 2500 square meters.

Built in the ancient city of Damascus which was a very important station on the Silk road; The khan summarizes many civilizations that passed on Damascus, starting from the Greek and Romanian to the Islamic, reflecting the people’s intellectual and cultural openness.

Al Azem Palace; an example of advanced sophisticated Islamic architecture, its blueprints and decorations on stone, marble, wood and metal represents an image of Damascus’s buildings during the Ottoman era.

The palace’s yards contain a number of amazing fountains, we’re not done! The palace has magnificent colored gardens and trees. Nowadays it has turned into a museum of Syrian folklore and it’s one of the most visited sites by tourists.

Al Tkyeh Al Sulaimanyeh, The Castle of Damascus and Souq Al Hamidyeh; There are also seven gates that were built during the Roman era while building the city wall, some of them collapsed and some were made in later eras, eight gates are fighting age and still remaining to this day. In 1979 The Ancient City of Damascus was acknowledged as an UNESCO’s world heritage site.

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