Homs is a city in the center of Syria, located on the Orontes River, it’s also the only

gateway between the interior cities and the Mediterranean

coast; It occupies the site of ancient Emesa, which had a magnificent temple to worship the sun god.

Homs was a major industrial centre, and its population reflects Syria’s general religious diversity, as it contains a number of historic mosques and churches; it also contains one of the mightiest fortresses in the world.

Another amazing thing about Homs is its Old City which has a lot of gates and walls, most of them were demolished during the Ottoman era but a short section of fortified wall with a circular corner tower still exists. There are also two main museums in Homs which displays a lot of monuments and ancient pieces.

We’re not done yet!

Homs has several fun and unique festivals that you cannot find in any other place in the entire world, try not to miss it.

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