Latakia is a city in northwestern Syria and it is Syria’s principal port as it’s located on a

good harbour with an extensive agricultural hinterland; The city was founded in the fourth century B.C and it was inhabited since the second millennium B.C.

Latakia was ruled consecutively by numerous civilizations, and its monuments proves it, such as:

The Castle of Salah al-Din, which was acknowledged as a UNESCO’s world heritage site is an amazing example of medieval architecture, because of its immunity and the strength of its stones on one hand, and the blueprints and construction on the other one.

Built on the western slope of the Syrian coastal mountains at an altitude of 410 metres, its structures extend over five hectares, recorded as one of the largest castles in Syria.

The castle can be divided into two parts, the higher eastern plateau which contains most of the fortifications, and the lower western plateau which was a residential area and a number of gates, water tanks, stables, a church, warehouses and a jail; a wall circles it and it is still visible to this current day.

Also, there are the Roman triumphal arch and Corinthian columns known as the colonnade of Bacchus.

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