Masyaf is a city in northwestern Syria, well known for is castle, the headquarters of the elite Assassins

unit; the city is highly diverse in terms of religion, it also occupies a central position between the coastal mountains and the interior plains of Syria and it’s famous for having high wind speed; The city appeared in the game series Assassins Creed with its amazing medieval castle; Since ancient times The Citadel of Masyaf has played a significant role in the military section, especially during the Roman and Byzantine era, because it’s strategically built at the crossroads of several important roads which allowed it to have control over the whole region.

The Citadel dates back to the year 44 B.C to the Roman period that witnessed the construction of fortified military sites to take over the country’s main roads.

The Citadel reveals a variety of architectural styles corresponding to many different periods of history, it contains spectacular walls, stables, basements, water tanks and the interesting thing is its hidden-underground tunnel network!

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