Palmyra is a great old city in the Syrian desert, it once was one of the most important

cultural centres of the ancient world; built on an oasis lying halfway between the Mediterranean Sea from the west and the Euphrates River from the east, the mind-blowing art and architecture of Palmyra, standing at the crossroads of several civilizations, was a great factor that influenced modern architecture.

Palmyra was a wealthy city thanks to its strategic position which was located at the crossroads of numerous important trade routes in the ancient world.

A mighty, colonnaded street of over a kilometre in length forms the axis of the city, which together with secondary colonnaded streets links the major public monuments including the Temple of Ba’al, Diocletian’s Camp, the Agora, Theatre, other temples and urban quarters.

The city was very important in the Roman Empire during the first century, as it connected the Empire to the east and the west due to its position.

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Photo credit Ahmad Rumaih