Safita is a city in Tartus, located on the top of three hills and the valleys between them
many Phoenician remains were found in the area, but that’s not the only thing, Safita once had a great castle called The White Castle, unfortunately this castle was ruined over the time due to many factors, the only part remaining is a tower.

The Safita Tower was constructed by the Knights Templar during the crusades upon prior fortifications, it has a strategic location because of its location, as its located on the middle hill of Safita’s three hills so it controls the surrounding countryside.

The Tower’s structure can tell you a lot about the skilled and strategic architects during the medieval era, as the tower served both as a chapel and a fortress, with 3 metres thick walls constructed by skilled workers with carefully fitted limestone blocks.

A nice addition to the tower is a large bell on the western wall, it’s so large that its sound can be heard up to 5 kilometres from Safita.

The Tower had severe damage due to earthquakes but it was restored multiple times.