Tartus is a town in western Syria on the Mediterranean coast opposite to Arwad Island, it’s the second

largest port in Syria after Latakia, in summer it’s a destination for many Syrians to spend their vacation at.

A long time ago Tartu’s was a colony of Aradus as known as Arwad Island this day; It is the only inhabited island in Syria, it is located 3 kilometers away from Tartu’s. It’s mainly a fishing town now, but it had its glory back in the second millennium B.C as the Phoenicians settled it and surrounded it by a massive wall and an artificial harbor.

Due to Tartu’s strategical position, it witnessed many civilizations the most important was the Phoenician era because it left many memories and clues to how amazing it was, Amrit.

Amrit was one of the most important Phoenician cities, bringing religious and cultural aspect of entertainment altogether; founded in the third millennium B.C, on a 6 square kilometers piece of land.

Amrit was also a huge trading center, as it was a port that imported and exported not just goods, but culture, philosophy and religion; numerous monuments and landmarks are spread all over Amrit, the most important of which is a Phoenician temple with a distinctive character and an Olympic stadium which is one of the oldest sports facilities in history.

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