Taha Safweh
October 27, 2022
The Arabic Language, you can consider it as one of the main factors of the cultural variety of humanity; It is also one of the most exceedingly spoken languages in the Semitic language faction.
It’s one of the languages with a great diffuse worldwide, and is spoken daily by more than 465 million speakers.
Thus, it’s classified fourth in terms of the most spoken languages in the world. The Arabic language contains 28 letters, written from right to left.
It is a mightily prolific language regarding linguistic material. As the number of words in it are 12 million words without repetition. You can try to learn it but it will be a challenge.
During the antiquity of Arabia, there were various Semitic languages spoken.
In the southwest, some of these were from the Ancient South Arabian family, such as the Southern Thamudic.
It is also believed that non-Central Semitic languages from the Modern South Arabian region were also spoken in southern Arabia. withing Northern Hejaz, various Semitic languages, such as the Taymanitic and Dadanitic, held prominent positions as inscriptionsal languages.
and in Western Arabia, a language known as Thamudic C was attested. In eastern Arabia, inscriptions supporting the Hasaitic dialect were found in a script derived from the ASA.
Near Arabia’s northwestern frontier, various languages, such as the Hismaic, Thamudic B, and Thamudic D, were attested. Scholars believe that these are Old Arabic versions, as these are the last two to share isoglosses with other Arabic forms.
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