Taha Safweh
October 20, 2022
The Syrian Cuisine is an ancient, authentic and distinguishable cuisine. It is characterized by its variousness, inspired by the marvelous Syrian nature and numerous civilizations that flourished in the area. What distinguishes it is the numerous ancient, renewable and original dishes. As well as the many types of appetizers, salads, barbecue, kebbeh, and many more flavours. Each city in Syria possesses distinct dishes and flavor, this diversity has deeply affected Syrian chefs and led them to develop an exceptional taste and an artistic touch; When talking about Syrian cuisine, it is essential to mention the most famous types of sweets, the famous Damascene sweets that is known worldwide. Photo Credit by Ghaidaa Ayoub To check more interesting articles, please head to our news page: goldenteamsy/news and blogs For more info please visit: wikipedia.org
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